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Ahmet Özal, the son of Turkey’s eighth President Turgut Özal and who earlier accused former National Security Council (MGK) Secretary-General Gen.

 Sabri Yirmibeşoğlu of involvement in a plot to kill his father in 1988, has implied in his latest statement that former aide to his father and current Deputy Chief of General Staff Gen. Arslan Güner could also have played a role in his father’s death.Özal, who had earlier called on investigators to investigate his father’s death, which was reported to be due to a heart condition, said Güner, who was an aide to his father at the time, had always avoided meeting him. “Güner, he is currently the deputy chief of General Staff. He also served earlier as the head of the intelligence unit. My father died. Seventeen years have passed, I never saw Güner again. I wanted to schedule an appointment when I was in Parliament, but he never replied.

Not once did I receive a response, not even a refusal. On the day my father died, neither the doctor nor the ambulances that are always on call at the presidential palace were there. They drove him to a hospital in a regular vehicle. First to the military hospital GATA, and then somebody changed the route and they took a detour to Hacettepe Hospital. They wasted half an hour on the way. I don’t know who did this. But, of course, this is highly suspicious,” he said.

In remarks published in the current issue of the Aksiyon weekly, Ahmet Özal said shortly before his father was killed he told his son over the phone during a visit to Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan that he would “put an end” to the Kurdish issue when he returned to Turkey. Ahmet Özal said: “Those who wanted to perpetuate the Kurdish issue -- whoever they are -- started with Uğur Mumcu [killed in 1993 with a car bomb] who was investigating the links between the illegal formations within the state and the [Kurdistan Workers’ Party] PKK. In January [of 1993] Mumcu was killed, then[Adnan Kahveci] and then my father.”

“The year 1993 was when these fights started and they have been continuing for 17 years,” he told Aksiyon.

Last month, Ahmet Özal spoke with the Habertürk daily, accusing Gen. Yirmibeşoğlu of planning the 1988 assassination attempt on Özal’s life. Following this statement, a prosecutor’s office reopened the investigation into the Özal assassination attempt. Since then, Ahmet Özal has also called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his father’s death.



05 October 2010, Tuesday





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