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The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, has accused Libya of training and arming rebels fighting against the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

"We have information that in Libya, with support from the 'authorities', there is a special training center for Syrian rebels, and groups are sent from there to Syria, to attack the legal government," said Churkin.  "It is completely unacceptable. This practice is undermining stability in the Middle East”, he said.

With the assistance and support of the United States and NATO, terrorists in Libya are now conducting a wholesale business of training terrorists for “export” to wherever they might be needed.

This confirms previous reports that the US /NATO have trained, armed terrorists and airlifted them to Syria to fight against the legitimate government, assassinate police & government officials and attack military installations, see article: “Al-Qaeda Terrorists Airlifted From Libya to Aid Syrian Opposition”( ).

Unmarked cargo planes landing in waves at air bases in Turkey were quietly airlifting fighters and weapons for the anti-Assad "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) from Libya.

The fighters are being recruited from the various Libyan militias which fought the Qaddafi regime. About 4,000 have volunteered to fight with anti-Assad forces, accepting the offer of $1,000 signing bonus, in addition to a monthly wage of $450 – paid for, according to some unconfirmed reports in freshly printed "crisp" brand new American $100 dollar bills…leading some to believe that this is US taxpayer funds being used here.

Upon landing in Turkey, the Libyan fighters and the arms shipments are offloaded from the planes and then loaded on trucks to Free Syrian Army bases, most of which are located in the Iskenderun region of Turkey on the border of northwestern Syria…

They receive military training from Western, Turkish and Arab army instructors, as well as civilian security consultants and ex-special forces trainers from the US, Britain, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar.

Every camp has a Turkish commander whose staff report directly to the “US joint headquarters”, which is believed to be financing the entire operation (see article: “NATO Airlifts Libyans to Rebels, Russia Feeds Intel to Syrian Ruler” ).

“This is a covert US military operation done without Congressional approval, as far as we can tell”, said one intelligence official in Charlotte, N.C. who wished not to be identified. "We called the Pentagon and spoke to people there who said they know of no such operation. The CIA public affairs office refused to answer the question of whether or not they are helping in the NATO effort to arm and pay terrorists fighters bound for Syria via Turkey and Lebanon."

IS the CIA arming terrorists in Libya, I asked a spokesperson for the CIA? “That doesn’t justify a response”, said the spokesperson who declined to be named in this report… “we fight terrorist we done arm them and we certainly don’t fund terrorists. How dare you say that to us here”, she said.

That, of course begs the question who exactly is funding the terrorists? The US Joint headquarters appears to be calling the shots in this regard and providing at the minimum logistical support.

There seems to be no dispute among the various foreign reports I’ve look at so far.

It is NATO cargo planes doing the transporting of the Libyan mercenaries, some of who are linked to al-Qaida are being paid in freshly minted brand new American $100 dollar bills”, says Jason Mosher of Charlotte, N.C. a private intelligence analyst who we asked to review these news reports for possible connections…

On Tuesday, Jordan-based AlBawaba news website reported over 10,000 Libyans were being trained in a closed-off zone in Jordan before being sent off to Syria to fight alongside the opposition.

The site also claimed Saudi Arabia and Qatar were paying the anti-Gaddafi mercenaries US$1,000 a month to take up arms against Assad.

Concurrently, several Iranian news sources report that some 50 Turkish officers detained in Syria admitted to being trained by Israeli Special Forces to help destabilize the Syrian regime.

In December, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds said American and NATO forces had been training Syrian rebels in southeastern Turkish city of Hakkari since May of last year, Press TV reported.

Edmonds further stated US was actively smuggling arms into Syria from Incirlik military base in Turkey, as well as financing Syrian rebels.

“I think it’s clear that NATO is behind this and the US is part of NATO”, says Nate Hiller of Charlotte, N.C.

The charges first appears after the website Wikileaks recently published a document that revealed that there are “covert operations” underway by U.S. and NATO forces inside Syria, against the government.

In a private message now released, an analyst working for the Texan company, Stratfor, says that in December of last year, he attended a meeting at the Pentagon where he heard that U.S. /NATO soldiers were “inside Syria” providing training to armed rebels.

On the 3rd Thursday, President Assad said that “foreign troops were trying to weaken the Syrian government.”  Since mid-March 2011, Syria has faced violence that has resulted in hundreds dead, including many soldiers and security agents. Syria has blamed "mercenaries, armed saboteurs and terrorists" for the assaults resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people. These attacks are being “orchestrated from abroad”, according to Russian officials who appear to be feeding intelligence information to Syrian officials outlining US covert actions to destabilize the country and achieve its stated goal of “regime change”.

“We are engaged in a covert war against Syria. That much is clear”, says Larry Williams of Charlotte. “The disturbing part is that we are doing what al-Qaida wants. Al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood wants Assad gone, so it can move ahead with its agenda of establishing an “Islamic Caliphate in Syria”, just like it did in Libya. Libya is not a democracy, as we would understand it – it is more like a NATO backed Islamic terrorist state”, he said.

Robert Tilford

Charlotte, N.


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