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byGerald A. Honigman

No sooner hada young Jewish girl been run down while at school by a rabid beast who grabbedher by the hair and then blew her brains out, a European Union's spokespersonoffered the following wisdom…

On March 19, Baroness Ashton, the EU’sHigh Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, compared the murderof a young rabbi and his two little boys and the little girl mentioned above inToulouse to what happens at times to children in Gaza.

While it's horrific when any children arekilled, there is no such valid comparison.

Israel repeatedly goes out of its way toendanger the lives of its own young soldiers --by telegraphing its punches inadvance (dropping leaflets, making cell phone calls, etc.) to warn thenon-combatant population of pending retaliatory strikes and arranging payback as surgically pinpoint as possible. How many other armiesdo that?

Committing the double war crime by theGeneva Conventions (the Perfidy Clause, etc.) of deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, the Arabs fire from and hidebehind the skirts of their women and the carriages and homes of their ownbabies.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu respondedthat there was no “… comparison between a deliberate massacre of children andthe defensive, surgical actions” of the Israeli military that were “intended tohit terrorists who use children as a human shield.”

Baroness Ashton--like the others--knowsthis…but that does not matter. Indeed, it rarely does to such folks.

The world lost an exception to this all-too-typicalEuropean degeneration late last year with the passing of Czechoslovakia'sVaclav Havel--one of the true giants of the past century. The Washington Post'sMichael Gerson did justice to Havel in his December 23, 2011 op-ed, A Cold War Hero, which also graced thepages of my local Florida paper.

Revealed within that op-ed were some othertelling comments. Follow these excerpts…

"In his speech before Congress, Havelurged Americans to put 'morality ahead of politics' and to foster 'responsibility--responsibilityto something higher than my family, my country, my company, my success'…Americanintellectual Noam Chomsky called Havel's speech an 'embarrassingly silly, morallyrepugnant Sunday School sermon.' "

Now, for those who do not know, Chomsky--alinguist--has become a self-proclaimedMiddle East expert and demi-god of academia among the Left and the masses of adoring,but largely innocently ignorant, students.

Chomsky likes to pontificate aboutIsrael's alleged sins. The problem is, those very sins he--like much of therest of academia--are not shy about scrutinizing and taking Israel to task overare committed in far greater severity by the so-called Arab world whichsurrounds the Jewish State. Yet, for decades, it has been Israel and the Jewswhich have received the overwhelming brunt of his duplicitous wrath. He doesnot hesitate to speak of racist Zionists,yet I've yet to hear or read about his lectures about who the real victims of racism are in the regionand who their real abusers are.

While Israeli society is not perfect,compared to what scores of millions of non-Arabs face daily in many of thealmost two dozen member states of the "Arab League" (not to mention abuseselsewhere in the realm of Islam), Israel is indeed a virtual dream society. Ifyou doubt this, do some easy research on the Internet regarding the plight of Kurds,black Africans, Copts, "Berbers," native Jews, and so forth in theregion…all at the hands of their (often genocidal) Arab subjugators. It's noaccident that the President of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria wrotethe Foreword to my own book about this very subject, andsome of the major jacket comments are written by an Amazigh("Berber") publisher. Together, those two men alone represent some 70million, subjugated, truly stateless, non-Arab peoples. And there are manyothers as well, all with similar stories to tell. Yet, who--besides a few authors like myself and those oppressed people themselves--has been telling those stories? Not the Chomskys, nor the Baroness Austins--that's for sure.

As just another Chomskyism to consider, hetypically speaks of justice in "Palestine" while ignoring the factthat purely Arab Jordan indeed sits on almost 80% of the original 1920 territorygifted to Arabs in 1922 by the Brits. He ignores the masses of Arabs who pouredinto the Mandate from elsewhere (Arab settlers setting up Arab settlements in Palestine)--documentedby the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission  and other valid sources--and refers to thesefolks simply as the only true natives instead.

While demanding Israel take steps towardssuicide so that Arabs may get their 22nd state and second, not first, in "Palestine," Chomsky, the world-renownlinguist, remains linguistically-challenged when it comes to demanding similarrights for scores of millions of subjugated, truly stateless, non-Arab folks inthe region. And I am aware of some blandcomments he has made about Kurds and such. But, where are his books, lectures, pontifications, andarticles on those subjects? They're reserved only to attack Jews and theirsole, minuscule, resurrected nation instead.

Chomsky's views about Israel should begiven the same respect as his comments about Vaclav Pavel deserve.

Alas, as with Baroness Ashton, none ofthis makes any difference to Chomsky. It's only an admittedly imperfect Israelthat either really care about. Both simply accept the Arab narrative hook,line, and sinker--despite the well-known propensity of Arabs to engage in blatantlying for the cause…taqiyyah.

Now,also related to the above, think about what has been going on in Syria fordecades--let alone just this past year. Thecurrent Butcher of Damascus still haslots of catching up to do to match Papa Assad.

Yet, one would be hard-pressed to knowthis until very recently…

Scores of thousands of fellow Arabs, non-ArabKurds, Jews, and others have been slaughtered and many others victimized inassorted ways over the past half century--most of it under Assad rule. Allwhile Israel was being condemned for such things as building a security barrier to protect itskids from deliberately being disemboweled by their Arab neighbors.

And, given what we've seen from the twoother folks already mentioned, why should Bashar al-Assad's glamorous wife,Asma, be any different?

Keep in mind that before the currentbloody mess this past year and other incidents in between, in one month alonein 1982, Hafez al-Assad slaughtered between twenty thousand and forty thousandopponents in what came to be known as "the Hama Solution" for takingcare of business. That's more dead Arabs than in all the wars Israel has beenforced to fight for its survival in over sixty years.

During that same time period, the title ofIsmet Cherif Vanly's book, The SyrianMein Kampf Against The Kurds (Amsterdam 1968), also speaks volumes as to what Syrian Arabs were involved in. Etc.and so forth…

But, again, none of this matters.

For Asma, it's Gaza that's the real issue,and what those nasty, barbaric Jewsare up to. The latter are simply expected to allow themselves to be targeted bymissiles, mortars, rockets, and other acts of terror without doing anythingabout it.

Unfortunately, this is the world in whichIsrael must survive today--one filled with Chomskys in the Ivory Tower, BaronessAshtons in leading world organizations, and numerous versions of hypocriticalairheads like Asma al-Asad in Hollywood and elsewhere.

It is long past time for those who trulycare about fairness and justice in the region to stand up and be counted.


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