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by Gerald A. Honigman

My friends over at The United ( recently posted a You Tube, with commentary by Alan Kornman, dealing with yet another "Progressive" dhimmi mouthpiece of the Jihadis, Josh Ruebner. He had given a lecture at Rollins College, near Orlando, comparing Israel's struggle to survive with the Nazis' plans to exterminate the Jews ( Unfortunately, this is nothing new these days…

The video brought back memories which would up evolving into a chapter of my own book


Several years ago, Fair and balanced Fox News interviewed an Arab about the Gaza thing to get that perspective of the fighting. I can’t remember his name. It doesn’t matter.


His response was typical, an earlier rendition of Ruebner's, and one that anyone who has followed the Arab-Israeli conflict over much of the last century could recite: The "Palestinians" (Arabs) are the new Jews, and the Jews are the new Nazis.


But-- you reply--Arabs already have almost two dozen states on over six million square miles of territory, including one sitting on some 80% of the original 1920 Mandate of Palestine renamed Jordan. And Jews were stateless until the resurrection of their sole, tiny nation.



Don’t ruin a good fairy tale.

Besides, dontcha know, these ain’t Arabs, they’re "Palestinians" (so what if most came into the Mandate from elsewhere in the region).

Back to Fox News...

Mr. Jihadi’s version of Arab Jews and Jew Nazis is the now popular Gaza is the Warsaw Ghetto claim, a la Ruebner. For that desecration alone, if there's a Hell, they’ll both be there. And they’ll have Adolph--er Pat--Buchanan, from the Right (Gaza is Israel’s Arab concentration camp) and zillions of other anti-Semites (and I use that term very carefully) making similar claims keeping them company.


Given this ignorance, idiocy, or deliberate obfuscation, a bit of background is in order.


In 1940, the Nazis began to concentrate most of Poland’s three million Jews into several ghettos. The word ghetto itself comes from a much earlier Church legacy vis-a-vis the Jews. One of the debates among the Church Fathers had to do with what should be done with the "Deicide People." Guess who those folks allegedly are?


The "gentle" St. Augustine won out--at least at some times and in some places.


So, instead of Jews being burned alive in synagogues or otherwise massacred (which prominent spokesmen like Martin Luther, "St." John Chrysostom, and others suggested and which often happened anyway), they were to be deliberately kept alive instead--but, in such a lowly state, that when people looked upon them, all would be reminded of the Jews' alleged crime and recognized as the Deicide People.


The ghetto was where the iron foundries were located in Italy–the smelliest, most unhealthy areas of the city...perfect for god-killers (I won’t insult G_d by capitalizing the previous word), gated and locked as well. These soon spread throughout Christendom, while the "Arab" World constructed its own versions, mellahs, for its own kilab yahud–"Jew Dogs."




Does anyone seriously wonder why Israel had to be reborn? Obviously so…just ask Ruebner.


The ghetto in Warsaw was the largest. It held about 400,000 Jews who were told that they would be "resettled" to the East or, at worse, would be going to forced labor camps to work for the Germans.


By 1942, however, word of the Nazis’ true plans had made it into the ghetto.




The cattle cars were heading for extermination camps, part of the Final Solution. While some still kept their heads in the sand (not unlike too many Jews to this day), many faced reality and joined the resistance. This was harder for Jews since they often faced the anti-Semitism of the other folks as well--not only the Germans. The road to Auschwitz was indeed paved by many ingrained "religious" teachings...


The full-fledged uprising of David vs. Goliath began in 1943 in the ghetto.


Armed with some pistols, revolvers, home-made weapons and explosives, and some Polish rifles and such paid for dearly, the Jews took on their tormentors and embarrassed them profusely until the Nazis blasted every place they could possibly hide.


During the Holocaust, the Nazis singled out the women and children first. The attractive of the former might be used for pleasure before being murdered. The kids were killed right away as they were of no use...unless they wound up in the labs of Nazi doctors to be turned into human guinea pigs for all kinds of grotesque experiments. All of this is well documented. One and half million of the six million slaughtered--for no other reason than they were Jews--were children.


Okay, so now let’s take a look at the Jihadis' and Ruebners' of the world's Gaza / Warsaw Ghetto analogy.


Unlike the Jews--who weren’t trying to kill any Germans--the Arabs of Gaza elected an organization dedicated to blowing both Jews and their State apart.


The Arabs killed in the Gaza fighting have been mostly fighters-–despite Arab claims.




The non-combatants who have been killed have deliberately been used as human shields by their own "heroes." Where are the U.N., International Court Of Justice, academic, European Union, "Progressive," and other voices crying out about this blatant Arab war crime? They're as useless here as they are in stopping Arab genocide in black Africa and elsewhere. When will Jihadi sycophants like Ruebner pay a visit to South Sudan or Darfur?


Unlike the Nazis who sought out every last Jew for extermination, Israel has deliberately sent its own soldiers to their deaths on the ground, fighting door to door knowing, in advance, of booby traps waiting for them, but trying to avoid the deaths of non-combatant Arabs. Like the Syrians are doing right now with their own problems, the Jews could have easily blasted Gaza targets from afar.


When the Allies fought the Nazis and Japan, they fire bombed German cities and nuked the latter.


Israel is fighting Arabs who want it dead.




No Israel, regardless of size, is acceptable. Arab kids are brainwashed from the diaper to the camps to the schools to the mosques to murder Jews. Nothing Israel does humanely--treating Arabs in Israeli hospitals, supplying its Arab enemies (who else does that?), attempted compromises, and so forth--matters. Sad, but true.


So, why waste Jewish lives? The world’s duplicitous hypocrites, like Ruebner, will condemn Israel’s self defense anyway.




Unlike Nazis who targeted Jews for just being Jews (as Arabs do as well), Israel has tried its best--given the Arab human shield game--to target Jihadi combatants rather than just plain Jihadis.


If killing Arabs was Israel’s goal, does anyone seriously doubt that it could have made Gaza Arabrein by now?


Despite the phony analogies, at some point in the not-too-distant future Israel must make clear to all of the parties--especially an America under President Obama--that the next missiles and mortars fired at Israeli towns (as over ten thousand have been since Israel’s full withdrawal from Gaza several years back) will see Gaza turned into a remake of Dresden 1945, after the American and British fire bombing. Germany finally got the message and the war soon ended. Sometimes there’s no other way--especially if your enemy has genocidal intentions. Israel is allowed to defend itself--whether dhimmi Ruebner approves or not. All other nations fight to win in wars, especially if they've been attacked repeatedly. Only the Jews are expected not to do so.


Unlike the "civilian" Arabs’ murderous attitudes towards Jews and Israel which polls continuously confirm, Dresden’s German and Hiroshima’s Japanese civilians didn’t seek the destruction of America. President George W. Bush warned that those who supported terrorists would share in their fate. If that was sound advice given by an America three thousand miles wide and over three hundred million people strong, what's minuscule, exposed Israel to say? A review of the Powell Doctrine for how America deals with its own enemies is in order as well.


Arabs have had years and billions of dollars in aid to begin building that 22nd state they say they must have. They’ve used the time and the billions of dollars to prepare for and conduct hostilities against their Jewish neighbor instead...a test of peaceful intent truly flunked with flying colors.


All of this must be kept in mind when Israel finally decides to fight to really win or to deliver, at the very least, the closest thing to a knockout punch.




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