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Sherkoh AbbasRailroading revolution, excluding minorities, Sherko Abbas says

(ANSAMed) - ANKARA, JULY 5 - The Syrian National Council (SNC) is railroading the revolution in order to install an Islamic regime, Kurdish opposition leader Sherko Abbas denounced in an interview with Turkish daily Hurriyet.

The SNC is supported by Turkey and is considered by Westerners to be the main opposition interlocutor, but the deep divisions between it and the Kurdish opposition came to light during the recent opposition conference in Cairo.

''The SNC wants to substitute this regime with an Islamic one led by the Muslim Brotherhood, one that does not recognize the rights of Kurds, Alawites, Christians, or other minorities,'' said Abbas, who is the leader of the Kurdistan National Assembly (KNA) in Syria.

''The hidden agenda of the NSC, which sees Syrians as Arabs only, is to create an Islamic, Arab, Sunnite, nationalist regime in Syria, which will exclude Kurds and other minorities,'' Abbas said. ''The SNC is railroading the revolution, and that's not right.'' Abbas added that ''people on the ground in Syria no longer recognize the SNC as their representative,'' and that, post-Assad, Kurds ''will not accept anything less than federalism.'' (ANSAMed).


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