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Col (ret.) IDF  Dr. Jacques Neriah has an issue brief published  by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on how the Syrian Kurds fight against the al Qaida affiliates the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant  has engendered support from the Kurdish Regional Government of President Massoud Barzani and the Iranian Kurds to join the battle for freedom there. Neriah raises the question of whether the Kurdish fight for autonomy in Syria could lead to the long cherished but denied hope of a free Kurdistan in the landlocked areas of the Middle East.  That prospect was discussed in our interview with Sherkoh Abbas in the June 2012 NER, see,  Will There Be Room for Kurds and Other Minorities in a Post-Assad Syria? The Syrian Kurdish fight to maintain virtual autonomy in its northeastern Syrian heartland has given rise to Turkish concerns despite the latest cease fire with the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) orchestrated with imprisoned leader Abdullah Oacalan.  That cease fire like the ones before may not hold.  Over 150,000 Kurdish Jews and descendents in Israel will be following this development with great interest. Israel has indicated that it would support an independent Kurdistan.  Until  the Algiers Treaty in  March  1975 between the late Shah of Iran and the late unlamented Saddam Hussein of Iraq, orchestrated by Henry Kissinger, Israel had provided  covert training andNote what  Neriah writes in the JCPA Issue brief,   The Kurdish Awakening in Syria: Could it Lead to Regional War. other support for the embattled Iraqi Kurds. The Iraqi Kurds  suffered grievous losses of over 100,000  in the Iran Iraq Wars of the 1980's following the Iranian Revolution of 1979.


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