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He is doing what I would have pursued as well when I was his age had the tenured chief honcho in my doctoral program not nipped me in the bud. He saw to it that I would be much as possible.

A specialist on Turkey in particular (but also running the doctoral seminars on the Palestine Mandate), he managed to never say the word "Kurd" once--with one exception...when he could mock their cause. Carter Finley's books reflect the same animus. He knew who was buttering his bread (as did/do many others as well).

As a naive doctoral student, I wondered why such duplicity was constantly occurring. I did extensive research for another professor (Dr. Tavakolian, I believe) which later, in a much abbreviated form, was published in the heavily Nobel Laureate-sponsored academic journal, the Fall 1982 Middle East Review. From there, it was picked up by others--so, for example, "British Petroleum Politics, Arab Nationalism, and the Kurdish Struggle For Independence" has been on the recommended reference list of Paris's acclaimed Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) ever since.

I also asked the wrong questions and raised the wrong issues in the doctor seminars on "Palestine." Finley liked to discuss such things as "fascist Zionists" with me. Like too many of his MESA colleagues, he preferred starting a discussion about "Palestine" with the year 1947 instead of 1920. Now, I wonder (not) why...

This all occurred at the same time that Finley saw to it that I would be denied a Ph.D. dissertation G_d is my witness during this High Holiday season.

These were the days before watchdog orgs such Prof. Daniel Pipes's Campus Watch and others existed, or Prof. Martin Kramer's book Ivory Towers On Sand...made these revelations. Daniel knows me well--his comments sit on the jacket cover of my book. I could have been the poster child for his organization. And Sherkoh Abbas, Pres. of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria and a key leader in the SDC, wrote most of the Foreword to my book. Much of it deals with the Kurds...with intensive research backing it up as well. Please do help me to spread word of around. It is heavily documented to the now allegedly ex-planet, Pluto. It is in at least 15 major universities so far--including the American University of Beirut--in Hizbullah's backyard. But I do not see any universities in Kurdish areas with it yet. Surely some folks there read English.

I have large quantities of my own purchased stock and will greatly discount bulk purchases. When sold via my publisher on Amazon, in book stores, etc., I don't even make enough to buy a large candy bar with. Within America, I can also ship a box of 24 books for just about $20 extra total. We'd then have to see if folks can then get them overseas during business travels and such. Or, if need be, the book is available via the publisher overseas as well.

My plans were to go to the region to do my dissertation work...picking up where I left off on that major doctoral research I had already done on the Kurds mentioned above. My wife is an R.N., so we were hoping that something might be arranged at places such as Incirlik Air force base, or such. 'Twas not in the cards.

The few Jews in the department were scared of their shadows.

I was left hanging in the wind...and had no gelt to hire a lawyer to fight this travesty.

So much for freedom of thought on American campuses--especially if you expect the same lenses of moral scrutiny to be applied to Israel's neighbors as are routinely used to dissect Israel in the classroom.

Here's some updated "tastes" of my work related to our Kurdish friends:

Stick with State Department Math--the duplicity exposed will be worth your time, I promise. Here's the KRG's own version of it:

and about the WMD that Saddam supposedly did not have...

May G_d bless you all with a wonderful year ahead--whether you are a "Tribal member" or not.

And I am so very proud of Jonathan (my son's own name--G_d bless them both).

All my best,



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