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The idea of establishment of a buffer zone in northern Syria, overseen by the Turkish military

forces clearly means the elimination of the spirit of the National Movement of Kurdish in western Kurdistan, change the demographic reality and create a "Turkish belt " in addition the (Arab belt) established by the system Hafez al-Assad Baathist regime of non-Kurdish people on the land inhabited since the dawn of human history.


Also it means the establishment of settlements between the Turkish Turkmen or Kurdish villages along the lines of the (42) settlement that was built by Arab Baath regime in this region of the Middle East, still unfortunately show their allegiance to the Baath system, which was behind their presence and promotion.

So, to all our organizations and parties shouldn't put the fate of the Kurdish people in the hands of the Turkish government that isn't honestly different in outlook racism and national rights from Baathists racists towards our people, whether in Syria or Iraq.

Because practices exercised by the security apparatus of the Turkish forces, the army and the gendarmerie on the Syrian-Turkish border near the city of Kobanî these tough days aren't acceptable at all, where people are exposed to various kinds of degrading, immoral and brutal treatment as certificates by European journalists, who transport video and audio events everyday day, and assert that wounded Kurds are also dying on the border gates because the Turkish security prevents them from entering Turkey.

Here is the Turkish army full arms and ammunition seen firsthand how the barbaric attacks of the terrorists continue on the entire city of Kobani and Turkish forces do not stir to stop the carnage major, and not only this but it reached the cynicism that the Turkish political senior says that they will interfere when ISIS desecrates the tomb of (Pasha Sultan) Ottoman Empire which resides on Syrian territory.

In addition, lives of hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods (the Kurds) don't affect them as much as the remains of their leader who died centuries ago.

The Turkish Prime Minister on the other side who is Muslim, with distinction had said when ISIS released the hostages consulate in Mosul that every Turkish citizen is equal to the whole world in his opinion, or something like that.

where the other Kurdish areas in northern Syria are also exposed as Kobanî to terrorist attacks by groups organizing the Islamic state and elsewhere, and this is very much expected.

Accordingly, it is essential to create a real buffer zone to ensure that the displacement of millions of Kurds from their homes because of fear, slaughter killing and genocide in the time that this will definitely protect and be a resort for Kurdish people and other religious and national minorities that live among them from all over Syria, and not political and a military tool however, Turkey, which does not consider the Syrian scene only from the standpoint of national Turkish interests as it is asserted by Europeans experts concerning Syrian situation.

On the other hand, when the Turkish policy talks about "the overthrow of Assad" it means to impose Turkish control over Syrian economy and policy and to remove fierce rival (Iran) from the control center in the resolution of the national Syria, and the elimination of the flame of the Kurdish national liberation struggle in the west of Kurdistan, through supporting the Islamic movement in Syria to reach a verdict.

So, Kurdistan National Council of Syria calls on the united nations to put Kurdish areas "Syrian" in these dangerous situations under the control of Kurdish self-joint and coordination of Kurdistan and under international supervision.

While the status of the buffer zone under the tutelage of Turkey will create lots of countless problems for all Syrians, the international community, and above all, the population in the buffer zone themselves because simply Turkey is acting according to its national interest and not according to the interests of the Syrian people.

The other reason, which leads us to our demand is that Iran is increasingly influential in the areas of Kurdish, across the rest of the system-Asadi of the hotbeds of security and administrative them, and basically we do not want a conflict between Iranian and Turkey in our region and Kurdish areas to should be under the supervision of the Kurds, and coordinated Syrian Through communication and joint work between Kurdish forces ,Syrian temperate national opposition, the forces of the international coalition and international organization in order to protect the population and the return of refugees from neighboring countries of Syria and rearrange Syrian house including room for other religious and national components.

Besides progress is another step to bring down the Assad's regime and to build free Syria democratic and pluralism including Kurdish people rights to choose their own destiny and to live in freedom with various other components in solidarity, cooperation in the security and stability.

We demand the Kurds' self-protection through armed force along the lines of the Peshmerga in South Kurdistan, under international supervision, not a belt Turkish security, or reproduce the corrupt Asadi's system.

As a result of all this, we call for close cooperation between all the Kurdish forces in Syria and Kurdistan to build a position and a unified national discourse about what is happening in the west of Kurdistan.

We also call for strengthening cooperation between Kurdish forces and the spectra of the Syrian opposition that are moderate and democratic.

The international community should intervene more broadly in Syrian affairs in order to end the tragedy of Syrian people and to stop the blood shed in Syria certainly to ensure the elimination of the presence of various terrorist organizations in the country.


Kurdistan National Assmbly of Syria.

Encumena Niştimanî Kurdistanî – Sûriye


Translated to English by: Diyaa-Fadel.

Friday, th10 of October 2114. 08:34 AM


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