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10-9-14 2:48 PM EST: Sherkoh Abbas of the Kurdish National Assembly of Syria appeared today on "Happening Now"

to express his frustration with the Obama administration and the possible fall of Kobani. He says that Kurds are the boots on the ground while Obama seems to want to train and equip more radicals. Says the Syrian resistance does not want to protect the freedoms of Christian minorities, and the Kurds always protect the religious freedom of their people.




The Kurds have been our allies many times in that part of the world and we have repeatedly let them down. They share what are supposed to be our values, but it appears increasingly that Obama's values include aiding in the reestablishment of the Ottoman Empire.

Listen carefully to what he says if you watch the video. It angers me.

Would call this the sequel to the previous video. This is Mike Baker, former CIA operative. Really like this guy. Check him out. You can tell he's almost as flabbergasted as the Kurdish leader.


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