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By Sherkoh Abbas

Since ISIS rose to power in Syria and Iraq, hundreds of thousands of outgunned Kurds have

left everything they have to escape its brutality.


Only a few weeks ago, thousands of Kurds were facing genocide in the Syrian city of Kobane as the Islamic State had them surrounded on three fronts.

While the U.S. has provided support with airstrikes, ISIS is still raping and pillaging Kurdish villages, leaving its blood-stained boot print wherever they march.

IJReview had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, chairman of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria

about the crisis the Kurds are facing, and how the current administration is handling it. Here were his three main points from our conversation.


1. What the Kurds want.

“We want a federal region like the Kurds in Iraq have now. We want complete democracy.  We abhor all terrorist groups.

2. How the Obama administration is on the wrong track.

“This administration has no interest in crushing in ISIS according to our information and our data.  We approached the State Department about ISIS before ISIS was in the headlines and we were ignored.   Obama and John Kerry are on the wrong track.  Even his own military command disagrees with the way he is handling the issue.

This administration has chosen to work with radical groups who just repackage their name.”

3. Why the Kurds should be supported in their efforts.

“We welcome any American support. The Kurds love America and no Americans are being beheaded in Kurdish lands. Americans need to understand that the only allies they have in the Middle East are Kurds and the Israelis. Helping the Kurds will help the Middle East improve for the better.

The first uprising in Syria happened after 2004 when a Kurd raised an American flag.  The best thing is to go with the Kurds and let us vet everyone else after.”

As the battle against the Islamic State continues to rage, political leaders like Abbas help us understand the bigger picture and better long-term strategies dealing with the ISIS threat.


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