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Sherkoh Abbas & AudinoToday on Voices of Global Freedom radio we are interviewing Sherkoh Abbas, President of Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria

whose assembly supports a vision for the nation of Syria free of oppression. He is a founding member of the Syrian Democracy Council, the Kurdish National Congress, the America-Kurdistan Friendship League and the Center for Democracy in the Middle East, of which he is the director. Abbas has briefed officials from the White House and Congress.


We also have Brigadier General Ernie Audino on the air with us. Ernie Audino, Retired Brigadier General in United State Army, spent a year in Kurdistan fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, getting to know the Kurds very well.

In this exclusive interview with Voices of Global Freedom, Brigadier General Audino talks about his time in Kurdistan and his views on the future of Kurds and US polices toward the Kurdish government.  More comprehensive US military action is needed in order to eliminate the ISIS threat. He believes that an independent Kurdistan is the best buffer against the spread of radical Islam in the region. Brigadier General Ernie Audino received his master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies at the National War College and studied Kurdish history in depth under Ambassador Peter Galbraith

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