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 Syria's two incumbent mobile networks, Syriatel and MTN-Syria will be asked to pay SYP 25 billion

 (US$500 million) to convert their existing Built-Operate-

Transfer (BOT) agreements into

 conventional licenses, according to Imad Sabbouni, the Minister of Communication and Technology.

Under a BOT agreement, the network owners will forfeit their infrastructure when the contracts expire. This has dissuaded them from investing in the networks. Converting the networks to conventional licenses is expected to lead to a surge in investment in the country.

The Syrian government recently approved plans to issue the country's third mobile operator license as part of the same process.

According to figures from the Mobile World, the country is estimated to have had just over 9.1 million mobile phone subscribers at the end of March 2010, which represents a population penetration level of 44%.

On the web:  Mobile World - Syria Report

Article published on 6th September 2010






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